Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Not a lot to report today. I went to campus to get some of my teaching stuff squared away so I filled out a lot of paperwork, got a syllabus, got an ID card, and got keys. These tasks were spread throughout campus and I estimate that I walked at least two miles in my $10 sandals from Shoe Carnival.

When I got home I was hot and tired and my feet were sore so I did the siesta thing after lunch. Then I ran errands, made homemade vanilla bean ice cream, and did some cleaning. Austin and I got rid of some broken down boxes and brought out the recycling. We were surprised that they take plastic and aluminum but "not glass" signs were everywhere. We may have to look into that one.

Tomorrow's lunch has been rescheduled since I am going to meet with another instructor to go over more teaching details. It feels good to ease into the back to school routine, coming up August 27, earlier down here!

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