Monday, August 11, 2008


Today was another day of getting some moving tasks taken care of. First of all, I did four loads of laundry and that has been a change from our in-home facilities. Now I have to walk to a different building and use a little prepaid card to do the wash. I think that will get old fast but on the plus side, I can do multiple loads at once.

After that, I took Austin's car in for the state emissions inspection which it totally failed. I had already taken my car into the same place and the guys remembered me. Well, the drooled over the yellow WRX and then seemed almost sad to tell me it was rejected. I even got $3 off my next oil change and a car shaped tin of mints as a consolation prize. Anyway, Austin wasn't too surprised about the failure and we can get it rechecked for free within 15 days.

I spent the afternoon running errands and finally found a comforter that we both like. It is black and white so it works with some of the red elements from our old bedroom (the old bedspread is too big to fit on our Ikea bed now) but the new comforter will be different enough for a guest room some day.

The reason I am talking about guests rooms is because we have a short term lease and are hoping to buy something in 2009. This makes the laundry hike and other inconveniences about small apt living much more bearable; we're motivated to get out in the near-ish future. It will be really nice to have a guest room for our family and friends who come to visit us. Even back in Eau Claire, it was really nice to have a guest suite at Hotel LundeRoy.

Now we are just relaxing and going to hit the hay at a reasonable hour since we didn't sleep well last night.

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