Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Made It!

Quick post while we are in the midst of moving- we are here! The first day of travel started out fine but around 6:30, the rental truck got a flat a half hour north of Kansas City and we lost about an hour and a half while roadside assistance helped out. Then, in Kansas City, there were a number of detours and some traffic. Our goal was to get to Wichita and when we started calling for hotels, we discovered there was a basketball tournament and many places were booked. Finally we found a Super 8 in a Wichita suburb and rolled in around midnight.

The second day went really well, no problems at all, though Kansas and Oklahoma weren't the most scenic states. We got into Austin just before 9:00, went out for Mexican at Chuy's, and crashed.

Today we've been unloading things into both the apartment and storage. We're getting close to done but it's break time. Although it's 100+ degrees, it actually feels as hot as it did when we loaded the truck in 85 degree weather.

When we're all done, we're going to Baby Acapulco's for margaritas which are known for being particularly potent. Woo hoo!

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