Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling More Texan

Something happened to a water main here around 11:00 and it changed some of my plans like dishes, laundry, and a swim so I went out to get a few things done. I now have a lovely Austin Public Library card, I did yet another Target run, and I got an oil change and at the same time, passed my Texas emissions standards test (yay, Subaru!). It looks like on Monday, I can go through the hoops to get my car inspected and possibly registered not to mention pay the "New Resident" tax of $90 each (but no state income tax so I can't be too annoyed). When that is all finally done, I can then get a TX driver's license and I'll officially be a Texan.

Looks like we'll chill tonight and then tomorrow we're going to see the Batman move at the Imax theatre and we'll probably go out to dinner.


Matt Hoy said...

Has Austin caved to the MPAA? Say it ain't so!

takenob said...

Hooray I'm so glad you are enjoying Austin (the city). I'm also glad you made it down there safely and without any major issues (minus the flat tire).