Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yesterday, we decided to check out the Farmers' Market downtown. One of the main highways we take is called MO-PAC ("mow-pack") and is so named for the Missouri-Pacific railroad. On the way, we saw the train that runs down the middle of the track.

MO-PAC Highway and trains

The market itself wasn't super thrilling. It was a good farmers' market but there was a loud, terrible band playing and we got there around 11:00 so much of the good stuff was gone. We did, however, get some nice basil, peppers, and onions. We also observed a lot of "Texans for Obama" t-shirts; McCain gear was conspicuously absent.

Farmers' Market

After that, we hauled a last load of stuff to our storage unit which is now jam packed. We ran a few errands, had a late lunch, and later in the evening reveled in the Grapevine Market where I got cava, Austin got beer, and we got a take and bake gourmet cheese pizza to share. At home we watched the Olympics and chilled with our goods.

This morning, I was dying to try migas, the breakfast specialty of Austin that features eggs scrambled with tortillas, onions, and peppers and comes with potatoes, beans, and ham (which I removed) all covered in cheese. Throw on Tapatia's house salsa and it's a brunch experience, damn! It was so good.


Austin was thrilled with his egg and chorizo breakfast tacos. The total for our food and drinks came to $10.16. We are hooked!

Egg-Chorizo Tacos

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