Sunday, January 4, 2009

Adventures in Homeownership

We had a weekend of errand running and house projects. Austin is hanging up a curved shower curtain rod in the master bath since the tension rod kept falling down. We ordered a gas fireplace log so we can finally use the fireplace, a good thing since it was in the 40's today :-) Our biggest obstacle has been finding suitable curtains to go on the windows on either side of our chocolate brown couch. Who knew it was so challenging? We see things we like and dislike all the time but putting it together on our own hasn't been easy.

Tonight we're laying low and Austin is getting ready for a full work week. My project will be to remove the remains of a border in the guest room and eventually paint it. I'm excited about a color called "Painted Skies," a warm mauve/terracotta color that looks like it will go nicely with the black and white bedspread we have for the guest bed. On a less exciting note, I'm also trying to finish all the unpacking and getting everything into its own little place.

As soon as it gets sunny again, I'll try to snap some photos of how the house is shaping up.

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