Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hotel Lunderoy's Aus-town Branch Opens Its Doors

Our first guest, Austin's mom, arrives tomorrow. We have spent the evening cleaning and getting ready although the hotel remains under renovation. The pastry chef just completed mini raspberry cheesecakes in honor of Mr. Lunderoy's 30th birthday. I'm hoping to be able to post a few photos of our visit if I have time between classes and my shifts at the hotel :-)

We are excited for our first guest here in Texas and excited that we have future reservations too!

Oh, and a side note, the local media is going CRAZY about an ice storm. So far it's been in the 30s and rainy so who knows but the local community college down the street already canceled classes for tomorrow. We keep seeing news clips about how trucks dump sand to help with traction. Psh, amateurs!

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