Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Weekend = Bullet Point Post

  • After work Friday, we zipped over to Ikea to pick up another bookshelf. It looks great next to the other one and helped clear out several boxes.
  • Austin installed the fireplace log set which turned out to be a huge hassle- the directions were terrible and some pieces weren't properly cut and shaped- so it was a lot of work and I wasn't much help to him.
  • Saturday we went to lunch at a pub, lots of fun.
  • Saturday we also went mattress shopping; we're upgrading to a king and putting the queen in our guest room. We went to one place that was freaky high pressure sales; I'm still scarred from the experience. Today we purchased a set at a nice furniture store and it will be delivered on Friday. Another big ticket item off the list...
  • Saturday night we made fish tacos with orange roughy, shredded cabbage, red onion, cilantro, lime... Really, really delicious.
  • This morning I made crepes with Nutella. Lovely.
  • Today we attempted to buy a hedge trimmer since the holly bush in front of our house is threatening to take over. The one we wanted isn't available at any of the Sears stores in the area and won't be back until mid-February. It's still weird that we're going to own a hedge trimmer but then again, we've had a belt sander for a few years and I just learned that.
  • We also made a Target grocery run for our week's meals. Back to school means more planning for that kind of thing, especially with two night classes.
  • This afternoon will involve football watching and cleaning up the house. We are soaking in the sun and opening the windows to let the mild air in.

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