Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to the Grind

I'm probably headed back to the once a week posting schedule since I'm back to work/school. I'm happy to be back and my classes look good but very demanding, more so than last semester. Now that I've got a semester of teaching under my belt, the classes I am teaching this semester should in theory be a little easier since I know the ropes and have more materials created.

Yesterday we got our new bed delivered and I'll try to post some pictures this weekend. It's a king size pillow top and is HUGE, comes up to my waist. The queen has gone to the guest room and is also quite comfy. Anyway, we got a new comforter set too that is gray with a contemporary white circle pattern on it. We never thought we'd go for gray but loved the look and will be able to use our red accents in the room (and can always change accent colors with it). The one thing that is lacking is a nice headboard but that's just not in the budget for now. It does the job without a cool frame.

Today will be a balance between domestic and academic tasks, low key, maybe dinner out.

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