Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Domestic Diva

Today our new washer and dryer arrived and as soon as they were ready to go, I was throwing our accumulated mounds of laundry in. Laundry is actually one of my favorite household chores and I have complicated fabric softener liquid and sheet rituals that Austin can't replicate. We are really pleased with the maiden voyage of these spaceship-esque Samsung beauts. We were delighted to find that they play a little tune when a load is done, sort of like a happy cell phone ring tone. Our Roomba does that too and Austin is already planning ways for the appliances to make friends with each other. Here are the appliances in question:

Samsung Washer and Dryer

One little critter who will not be so thrilled about the new appliances is Mr. Stinky since they are now occupying what was previously his little room. Austin has been working on determining what his preferred accommodations are since he likes perches and cave-like dwellings. Here is a picture from today of Stinky sitting on one of Austin's test projects that we're pretending is modern art in our backyard and not a stack of lumber and cinder blocks. Stinky does not like the cave feature but does enjoy sitting on top. (The picture quality isn't great due to the copious amounts of sunshine that we're getting, something we're really appreciating with all the news of the arctic temps up north.)

Stinky on Modern Art

Last night I was also proud to assemble an Ikea shelf by myself, with limited questions to Austin. The shelf is called Billy and is the perfect home for all of my books. In fact, we need one or two more Billies to house the entire LundeRoy library. I was so happy to unpack and find books I haven't seen in awhile. Austin hinted at keeping the books in our storage shed for awhile but the look on my face told him all he needed to know, bookshelves were top priority in our new digs.

Billy Bookshelf

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takenob said...

I love your new washer and dryer! :) Maybe you can tell my husband how awesome they are and we can get new ones too! I think our washer is original to the house, though it cleans the clothes very well.