Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bordering on Insanity

One of my goals over break has been to take down the hideous border in the guest room and paint it. Taking down the border has been rough since the glue will not budge. All of the paper is down but we suspect, with the textured walls, the previous owners used another kind of glue other than the adhesive that comes pre-applied to the backs of borders. All around the wall is a wavy yellow line of glue that will not move. It's not the best photo, but you can see what I mean below. The enzyme spray from the store is just not cutting it nor is hot, soapy water. Any suggestions?


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Matt Hoy said...

Try Naptha. It's similar to mineral spirits. It stinks, but it evaporates leaving little residue. Get a rag, wet it with naptha, and the press against the glue. After a few seconds gently rub the glue and see it comes away.