Friday, January 2, 2009

Bailed Out from the Kitty Clink

First thing this morning, I picked up Mr. Stinkles from boarding at the vet. I could hear him mewing pitifully before I even saw him and he continued to cry every few seconds on the brief car ride home. He was suspicious about his new surroundings but has been warming up and exploring all day long. He's been out in the back yard three times today (on harness and leash until he gets used to it) and has been poking all around the house in a way he never did in our apartment. He has also been treated to wet cat food including a "Seafood Entree" which sounds nicer than what we've been eating lately. Stinky is snoozing at my feet as I type this.

Austin worked today and got caught up on emails and other pending business after his two weeks of vacation. I worked on logistical things like changing our address, new drivers licenses, ending our apartment lease, etc. I ran a few errands and did minor cleaning around the house. It felt good to get back to a fairly normal schedule.

Finally, I know weather postings are boring, but it was about 76 degrees today with bright blue, sunny skies. According to the local meteorologist, this has broken a 55 year record for the high. The temp will drop into the 40's this weekend when a cold front rolls in but we have enjoyed open windows and pleasant breezes all day long. We are so happy to be in our new home with our favorite cat, what luck.

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