Friday, January 9, 2009

Days of Our Homeowner Lives

It's been another busy work week for Austin and then after that, house projects, so this post will be boring. Selecting and hanging window treatments have proven more difficult than anticipated and removing the ugly border from the textured guest room wall has proven more difficult than anticipated, a theme is developing...

A log is being shipped so we can finally try out the gas fireplace. The master bath toilet no longer runs thanks to the in-house toilet engineer. The washer and dryer arrive on the 15th so today involves a trip to the apt for one last visit to the dreaded "clothing care center."

Back in grad school, I lived in some funky old apartments in uptown Minneapolis and always thought I'd love to someday own an old home. No more! I have tremendous admiration for those who can do it but I'm learning just how much work even a newer home can be. My dad was so proud of me as a kid who could identify different types of nails but unfortunately, that is when my talent peaked and it's been downhill from there.

So, lest I whine too much, the bigger picture is that we love our home and personalizing it, while challenging, is definitely worth it. I'm lucky to have the time over winter break to dig in to the projects and to have a spouse who is very handy and talented. We are really looking forward to having guests.

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